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LIVE Virtual Evaluation


Our new LIVE Virtual Evaluation for Bands and Orchestras features a performance scheduled during a class period or other designated time of your choice.

The typical length will be one hour, with variations depending on your school’s class length.

Your group will perform live in your rehearsal room, auditorium, or similar facility.  Following the performance, your clinician will provide an interactive clinic for the remainder of the time available.

Awards presented for I-II-III ratings.


Band Adjudicators/Clinicians

 Charles Aguillon

 Keith Bearden

 John Benzer

 Jane Botkin

 Mike Brashear

 Cindy Bulloch

 Carol Brittin Chambers

 Don T. Haynes

 Cindy Lansford

 Scott McAdow

 Willie Owens

 Andy Post

 Ronnie Rios

 Roland Sandoval


Orchestra Adjudicators/Clinicians 

 Gene Dowdy

 Keith Markuson

 Craig Needham

 Carolyn Vandiver




Q: When is the registration form due? 

A: The receipt of your registration form initiates the process of scheduling your performance/clinic. Registrations are due ten business days prior to the date you wish to have your live evaluation.

Q: How will the performance/evaluation date and time be determined?

A: Performance date and time will be determined by consultation with an American Classic representative and the group’s director.

Q: What criteria will be used for determining the awards?

A: UIL rubrics with an emphasis on recognizing and applauding efforts put forth under pandemic rehearsal conditions.

Q: What are the fees?

A: $250 fee includes $100 non-refundable registration fee.

Q: What are the performance requirements?

A: There are no specific repertoire requirements.  Perform 3 pieces not exceeding 30 minutes.

Q: How will I receive feedback on the performance?

A: The adjudicator/clinician will clinic your group following the performance. Rating results and trophy will be sent within ten business days after the live evaluations.


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