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When you walk the streets of Rome, you’ll understand why it has been the center of globally influential art, architecture, and culture for nearly 3,000 years.  Ancient ruins such as the Forum and the Pantheon evoke the power of the former Roman Empire. Walk through the Coliseum and imagine what it was like to be a spectator—or a gladiator. Spend time gazing up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, marvel at the treasures in the Vatican Museum and throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish. In enchanting Florence, walk the Ponte Vecchio and retrace the steps of Dante.  Visit the Galleria dell’Accademia to see Michelangelo’s David and the Museo degli Strumenti Musicali (The Museum of Instruments).  Travel the canals of Venice on a gondola and see the famous leaning Tower of Pisa. In Italy, visitors can be sure of three things: there will be something from the past to learn about, there will be something new going on to fire your imagination, and you’ll probably be a short walk from one of the greatest meals of your life.  Hundreds of beautiful cathedrals and churches and public spaces provide limitless performance opportunities in astounding settings made even more special by Italy’s prominent role in more than seven centuries of music history.  Arrangements may be made for festival competitions, exchange performances with local organizations, and concert collaborations.


  • Perform in awe-inspiring venues

  • Venice

  • Florence

  • Galleria dell’Accademia

  • The Vatican Museum

  • The Colosseum and Roman Forum

  • St Peter’s Basilica

  • St Mark’s Square

  • Bilingual Guides throughout your tour

Sample Itinerary

Day One Travel Day Home to Venice

  • Depart/Arrive Venice
  • Check into Your Hotel
  • Dinner on your own

Day Two Venice

  • Time for colazione (breakfast)!
  • Meet your local tour guide and hop aboard your private motor coach for a short drive to Padova (Padua).
  • Welcome to Padua, let’s explore!
  • Enjoy a tasty lunch at your leisure.
  • Return to your hotel to freshen up and have a cup of espresso!
  • Will it be pasta or pizza tonight?

Day Three Venice Island

  • How about a savory cornetto with a cappuccino to start your day?
  • Depart for your private boat ride to the main square of Venice Island: Saint Mark Square. Did you know it is the only square in Venice with the title piazza?
  • Meet up with your local guides for a walking tour of Saint Mark’s Square, once a showcase for the city’s aristocrats.
  • Mangia at your leisure.
  • Experience the art of glass blowing with a demonstration by a master
  • Depart for your set up and rehearsal at San Michele delle
  • Join your fellow performers for a delectable dinner, make sure you try the bruschetta.
  • The moment has come to show off your talents. Performance time!
  • Return to your hotel.

Day Four Venice/Florence

  • I think today I’ll have a crostata with strawberry jam .
  • Check out of your hotel and board your private motor coach to Perugia.
  • Immerse in the rich history of Perugia as you stroll through its cobbled alleys and arched stairways
  • Depart for your set up and rehearsal at Saint Peter Church.
  • There is nothing like a savory Italian dinner before a remarkable Don’t forget to try the Torta Barozzi for dessert.
  • Are you ready? It’s time to perform!
  • Check into your Florence hotel

Day Five Florence

  • Did someone say Doughnuts?
  • Meet your local guide for a walking tour of the enchanting Florence, Italy.
  • Breath in the romance and feast on the gourmet Tuscan cuisine at your leisure.
  • Tour the Accademia Museum, famous for its sculptures by the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo.
  • There is no such thing as too much pasta, especially in Italy, so why not have Lasagna tonight.
  • Return to your hotel.

Day Six Florence/Siena/Rome

  • Let’s keep it light today. Fette biscottate with a cappacino please.
  • Check out of your hotel.
  • Depart for Siena aboard on your private motor coach.
  • Explore Siena at your leisure, a medieval sensation peppered with artisanal boutiques and delicious pastry shops.
  • Truffles and porcini mushrooms are abundant in Italy, why not try some for lunch now.
  • Hop aboard your motorcoach, you are on your way to Rome!
  • Dine in the colorful and funky bohemian area of Trastevere at your leisure.
  • Check into your hotel in Rome.

Day Seven Rome

  • Another cornetto for me today.
  • Meet your local tour guided to explore Rome, Pantheon, Colosseum, Roman Forum to name a few things.
  • Time for some shopping and lunch at your leisure and perhaps some gelato before you go.
  • Depart for Palestrina for your set up and rehearsal at the Saint Agapito Church.
  • Cena time! What will it be tonight?
  • Time to share your incredible talent. Breathe, let’s do this!
  • Return to your hotel.

Day Eight Rome

  • Today I’ll have it all cornetto, crostata, dougnuts and expresso. Delizioso!
  • Meet your local tour guide for a guided tour of the Vatican museums, an immense collection of art collected by popes throughout the centuries and the Sistine Chapel home of the world’s most famous works of art Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes.
  • Enjoy lunch and explore Saint Peter’s Square at your leisure. Try the quaint café atop St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • Depart for your hotel to freshen up for your last hooray in Italy.
  • Delight in your farewell dinner filled with lots of traditional Italian eats.

Day Nine Rome/USA

  • Today I’ll have it all cornetto, crostata, doughnuts and expresso!
  • Depart for home.
  • Addio Italy!

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