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All hail the Queen!  After centuries as a center of leadership, London represents the best of all worlds in its position as a great influence over western culture.  This fabulous metropolis abounds with notable landmarks.  Be awed by the magnificent Buckingham Palace, the monarch’s permanent residence in London, or the House of Parliament, where British laws are made and where the signature landmark of England is located:  Big Ben.  Visit Covent Garden which represents the first luxury neighborhoods of London and see the marvelous architecture around Trafalgar Square.  Theater is at the heart of the London arts scene, from the historic Shakespeare Globe Theatre to today’s vibrant West End productions.  Performance venues include beautiful outdoor settings, historic cathedrals, and school exchange concerts.


With its more than 470,000 trees, broad boulevards, gracious squares, and beautiful bridges spanning the River Seine, Paris is often described as the most beautiful capital in the world.  “The City of Light” is so named because Paris was one of the earliest cities to install street lights. The quality of food, art, architecture, fashion, and rich history make Paris unique in all the world.  Marvel at famous landmarks like the iconic Eiffel Tower, built-in 1889, and the majestic Arc de Triomphe.  See 800 years of history and explore da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt at the Louvre Museum. Choose between other notable museums to fully appreciate the contributions of outstanding French artists.  Performance opportunities include beautiful venues like Madeleine Church and impromptu concerts at sites throughout the city.


  • Perform in breathtaking venues

  • see a West End musical

  • Tower of London

  • London Eye

  • Musée du Louvre

  • Eiffel Tower

  • Imperial War Museum

  • Westminster Abby

  • Buckingham Palace

  • Luxembourg Gardens

  • Sacred Heart Basilica

  • Musée d’Orsay

Sample Itinerary

Day One Travel Day

  • Arrive Dallas-Ft. Worth Int’l Airport (DFW) three hours before departure.
  • Meet and be greeted by your American Classic Tour representative.
  • Check in to American Airlines for your international flight.
  • Pass through U.S. passport controls and TSA security formalities.
  • Let your journey begin with a leisurely walk to the gate area,
  • Depart Dallas Airport (DFW) for your full-service flight to London Heathrow (LHR).
  • Relax and enjoy a dinner, a snack, full entertainment package and reclining seats as you ‘jetaway’ to Merry Ol’ England..

Day Two

  • Arrive London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
  • Pass through E.U. passport controls where your passport will be officially stamped.
  • Retrieve your luggage from the appropriate carousel.
  • Meet & greet your tour manager who will be your full-time companion for your visit..
  • Board coach for transfer to London city center.
  • Check in at your centrally located London Hotel, the perhaps the Copthorne, or similar.
  • Tired from your trip? Stretch those muscles during a short walk through the neighborhood with your chaperones to view and appreciate the locale.
  • Have an independent lunch at one of the many eateries nearby.
  • Some of the group will visit Windsor Castle.
    • Her Majesty, the Queen, owns this fabulous and important building. You will see the tomb of Henry VIII and visit the beautiful St George’s Chapel and sumptuous state rooms. Who knows? Perhaps the ‘Queen Mum’ may stop by and say hello!
  • Some of the group will visit the London Eye.
    •  Board your bus to see and be seen on the ‘London Eye”, Britain’s tallest Ferris wheel. The views are breathtaking so have your phone/camera ready!
  • Some of the group will visit London’s ‘Broadway’.
    •  Board your bus to see and hear performances of the London theatre scene. You will see a major production of a current musical, perhaps either Wicker, the Lion King or Les Misérables.
  • Afterwards, return to your hotel for a short rest before dinner.
  • Enjoy a “Welcome to Britain Dinner” in the hotel’s Ballroom.
  • And now? How about seeing some sites of London itself?
  • Now you all should really be tired!
  • Return to your hotel for a full night’s sleep in a comfortable bed.

Day Three

  • Everyone hungry? Time to eat and check in at the Shannon Suite (room 239).
  • It’s parade time! Everyone, dressed in uniform, will board the coaches for Green Park!
  • Enjoy, and remember the smiles, cheers and applause from the appreciative crowd!
  • Afterwards you will have a packed lunch and change into casual clothing.
  • Reboard your coaches for the trip to the British Musuem.
  • This iconic building will remind you of a classical Greek temple. The exhibitions are visited each year by more than 2.5 million visitors. This short visit will introduce to one of the world’s most fabulous landmarks. You may want to return someday.
  • Hungry? You will have an included dinner at a restaurant chosen by your tour organizers. You will have time to eat, chat and remember the occasions of the day.
  • Tired feet? Too bad because now you will take a beautiful and leisurely stroll across the Thames River to the London Eye.
  • Most will board coaches and transfer back to the hotel.
  • Some will experience the ‘London Eye’ experience before returning to hotel.
  • Really tired now? Enjoy a restful evening and a good night’s sleep in the hotel.

Day Four

  • Enjoy a full breakfast at the hotel.
  • Check in with chaperones for attendance and day’s activities.
  • Board coach and transfer to London’s City Hall.
  • The formal portrait will be professionally taken in front of City Hall.
  • Climb aboard your buses for the short trip to London’s most famous landmark
  • Walk through the Tower of London with guides and chaperones.
  • Enjoy the Tower of London, where you will walk through history from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth, admire the Crown Jewels, see the arsenal and learn about why most of the historical beheadings took place here at this most infamous former prison of London.
  • Afterwards the group will divide for various excursions and walking tours.
  • The particular tour and light lunch will be pre-determined by tour leader.
  • The tours are:
  • Arsenal Stadium Tour: venue of one of London’s professional soccer team
  • London Eye Tour: for those who have not yet experienced this fabulous venue.
  • Chelsea Stadium Tour: venue of one of London’s professional soccer team
  • Westminster Walking Tour: venue of the famous Abbey.
  • Southwark Walking Tour: venue of South London.
  • Knightsbridge Walking Tour: venue of Hyde Park.
  • Kensington Walking Tour: venue of Victorian buildings.
  • Hungry? Having returned to the hotel privately, it’s time to eat!
  • The entire group will board buses and depart for a meal of “fish & chips”. Of course there will be dessert!
  • Return to hotel for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.
  • Get instruments and music for an evening of music.
  • Transfer to rehearsal venue, Kensington Conference Center. by private bus.
  • Later in the evening return to your hotel exhausted, exhilarated and happy.

Day Five

  • Enjoy a full breakfast at the hotel in the Liffey Suite.
  • At your breakfast meal don’t forget your ALL DAY TUBE AND BUS PASS.
  • Today there will different tours as determined by tour leader
  • Some of the group will visit the Harry Potter Studio Tours.
  • Some of the group will visit St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Some of the group will visit the Churchill Cabinet War Rooms.
  • Some of the group will visit the Arsenal Stadium.
  • Some of the group will take the Harry Potter Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will take the SoHo/Covent Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will take the Westminster Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will take the Southwark Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will have Fortnum and Mason Tea.
  • Refresh and relax before tonight’s banquet dinner!
  • Board your buses for St. Katherine’s Dock.
  • Hungry? Enjoy the food and pageantry of a medieval banquet.
  • Your food and drink will be served “ensemble”! (In the traditional style.)
  • There will be time to let yourself go at the disco after dinner.
  • Board your buses and return to hotel ‘sated and mated” as the British say.
  • Really tired now? G’nite and sweet dreams in your comfortable hotel bed.

Day Six

  • Today you will have breakfast in the Shannon Suite.
  • Today the group will divide for different pre-determined tours.
  • Some of the group will take the SoHo/Covent Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will take the Westminster Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will take the Spouthwark Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will take the Knightsbridge Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will take the Kensington Walking Tour.
  • Some of the group will visit Lord’s Cricket Stadium.
  • Everyone will meet back at hotel to start packing for home!
  • Change into concert attire in the rooms for the grand finale of the trip.
  • Dress for success! Formal attire for performance AND bring clothes for ‘partay’.
  • Board the coaches dressed in black attire with instrument and change of clothes.
  • Time to shine! Perform at Central Hall Westminster. Your performance for the public will include the Symphonic Band, the Wind Ensemble and the Honor Winds.
  • After the performance change clothes on private coaches.
  • Walk to Westminster Pier.
  • Hungry and hapopy? It’s time to appreciate the trip, enjoy a dinner, marvel at the sites of London and dance to the ‘sounds’ as you cruise on the Thames River.
  • WOW! Now it’s time to return to hotel and unload the instruments.
  • Need last-minute packing? Probably yes, but try to get some rest.

Day Seven

  • Breakfast this morning at the hotel’s main restaurant.
  • At various times you will check out of the hotel for the trip home.
  • Travel by private coach to London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR).
  • Check in to your airline.
  • Pass through Passport Control and Security procedures.
  • Depart ‘Jolly Ol’ England’ happy, tired and excited to be going home.
  • Arrive Dallas Ft. Worth Airport (DFW).
  • Pass through US Passport controls.
  • Retrieve your luggage and continue through US Customs control.
  • Welcome home! Don’t forget to change back to local time!
  • Take time to remember all the memorable moments and friends you have made.

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