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 GT provides real-world learning opportunities that enhance students’ learning, understanding and cultural awareness. 
We create dynamic itineraries that are unique to each group. Whether your trip includes one destination or multiple cities, our 45 years of experience brings unparalleled expertise and knowledge to a dynamic itinerary that is unique to your group’s specific interests. Change the way your students perceive the world with a CT program that is inspiring, immersive and fun.


Dancers experience the magic of performing on a Disney State, the excitement of dancing in New York, or the thrill of kicking up their heels in Chicago, Los Angles, and other exciting venues. Participate in master classes led by professional dancers, see amazing performances, and explore behind the scenes of some of the most amazing theatres.
Dancers connect theory, practice, and performance in real-world settings. From classical ballet to hip-hop, there are so many dance styles to explore and experience. Inspire your dancers and take them to places where breathtaking
performances and occur and give them the opportunity to learn from dance professionals.


Backstage, on stage and in the house.
Theatre entertains, inspires, and educates. Acting is an art that requires discipline, hard work, and the ability to collaborate with others and work as a team. With our Theatre program students learn from professional artists in a safe and supportive environment.
Participate in skill-building workshops led by professional artists, see a range of remarkable theatre performances, and the opportunity to expand their abilities and take their performance skills to new heights.


We offer immersive music experiences with unique musical opportunities for choirs, orchestras, bands and other performance groups. Attend classical concerts and perform in awe-inspiring venues.
Participate in clinics with professional musicians and college professors and see some of the world’s finest musical performances. Perform at Carnegie Hall, Walt Disney World, St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, or other inspiring venues in Nashville “Music City”, Chicago, Los Angeles and more.

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